Kharisma Jaya Nusantara
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Company Profile

PT. KHARISMA JAYA NUSANTARA. ("KJN") was founded in 2010 and located in Jakarta-Indonesia  is  one of   the  company  in  Indonesia  which  is  engaged  in the   procurement  of  telecommunications  and   Data Networking.

In  the  business  field  PT.KHARISMA JAYA NUSANTARA want  to  be  part  of  the  competition from several companies that focus on the achievement of Indonesian and international progress in Telecommunications and Networking.

In  its  development  PT.KHARISMA  JAYA  NUSANTARA    also formed  several  divisions  including  Maintenance  Service, Networking  Services  Installation  and  Civil,  Mechanical & Electrical building.

With the issuance of the Certificate System Vendor (CSV) from Belden Indonesia and supported by experienced and solid team we are able to provide the commitment and achievement of maximum customer satisfaction oriented